Audio: Hard work pays off in achieving entry to top university for student

A commitment to study helped 23-year-old Czech student, Barbora Lousova achieve the marks she needed to gain entry into the competitive marketing, communication and public relations programme at Charles University – the oldest and largest university in the Czech Republic.

“In the last year of my high school, I was actually looking for a lot of advertising… and a lot of marketing related courses,” Ms Lousova said.

“I actually found out that it’s the thing that I want to do.”

But she failed her first test and interview for Charles University, and instead accepted an offer to study at a nearby agricultural university.

She spent one year studying topics she did not enjoy – “cows, horses, plants and everything” to do with agriculture.

“I hated my life at that time,” she said, referring to the time spent at the agricultural university.

Determined to achieve her dream of studying at Charles University, Lousova knuckled down and spent one year studying hard to raise her marks.

After that year had passed, she reapplied to Charles University and was offered a place in the competitive program.

“So I decided to study a lot and it actually paid off. It was really good for me that I did that,” Lousova said.

This audio story was produced for the JOUR7040 Multimedia Journalism course at Hong Kong Baptist University.


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