Treats to tempt all tastebuds

Published in Weekender, Newcastle Herald (Saturday, July 6, 2013)


Relive your childhood in this temple of sweetness, writes TANYA McGOVERN.

AT the Lolly Shop Wangi it is possible to unashamedly tuck into a bag of red frogs and marella jubes.

Hugging the bend of Watkins Road, the store is the five-year-old baby of owner Kim Baillie.

It’s here that you can relive your childhood and go back to that glorious time where school canteens were yet to consider serving healthy snacks, and fund-raiser Freddo frogs were openly sold in the schoolyard.

As you approach the shop, surrounded by a lolly coloured picket fence, you’ll step down into a world of colour and sweet scents.

The sparkling lolly wrappers stuck to the ceiling and the display of certificates and ribbons conjures up memories of primary school classrooms.

Entering the dimly lit Chocolate Cave in the back of the store, the urge to rug up in a blanket and rip open the wrapper on a giant freckle may overcome you.

Stocking a range of Australian, American and British hand-made lollies, chocolates, fudges, liquorice and sours, and a selection of sugar, gluten, nut and dairy free products, there’s enough variety to satisfy each generation’s sweet tooth.

You can find Australian favourites like Eucalypties, bo peeps, wine gums, rosey apples, jersey caramels, chico babies, giant jaffas and cobbers here.

To accompany a sweet gift, pick up an arrangement of Kim’s Sydney Royal Easter Show award-winning flowers and natives, grown on her farm at Mandalong.

If you can’t make it to Wangi Wangi, or you fear being spotted with a Ghost Drop-coloured tongue, online orders can be made through the store’s website.

Lolly Shop Wangi is located at 283 Watkins Road, Wangi Wangi, and is open Tuesday to Sunday, 10am-4.30pm. Contact 0406272205 and see