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Hello πŸ‘‹πŸ» I’m Tanya McGovern, a content marketing and communications specialist with 7+ years’ experience.

I help people and brands connect through clear and results-driven content.

I’ve got a passion for words and as a hobbyist photographer, an eye for visuals.

It all starts with a focused content brief.

As a communicator, there’s nothing quite like simplifying a complex topic into a digestible format – bringing together words and visuals.

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I’m open to new projects.

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β†’ Content strategy

Define your goal. Find the best tone, digital channels and formats for your audience.

β†’ Words, simple yet sharp

Concise copywriting that tells the story. Optimised for SEO.

β†’ Visuals that captivate

The online world calls for eye-catching graphics, videos and photos. Don’t let poor design kill your copy’s potential.

7 years’

Content marketing and communications specialist helping people and brands connect through impactful, clear and results-driven content.

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